Thursday, August 12, 2010


Hello and welcome to our blog.
We're putting together a firearms training group in the Chicagoland area intended to cover the three most important aspects of shooting- introductory classes, sport and competition shooting, and personal defense.
In the realm of introduction to handgun shooting, we specialize in training oriented towards women, particularly those approaching guns for the first time.
We believe a little different approach than the traditional models is more appropriate to the unique needs of the modern-day woman interested in learning to shoot handguns, whether for sport or for more serious purposes.
We will provide that kind of training with a streamlined and gender-specific method designed to produce confidence, comfort, and success.
As we develop our programs and branch out, competition enhancement training aimed at the casual and intermediate action pistol shooter will be added to the product list. Our strong competition background, centered on USPSA (IPSC) shooting along with IDPA, Steel, ICORE, and other forms of high-speed pistol competition, will help you improve your Sunday morning performance by identifying and honing the separate skills important to success and then blending them into faster, more accurate runs once the buzzer goes off.
Our third direction, personal protection, will emphasize the practical aspects of shooting in the real world, and the use of force in gravest extreme.
We look forward to constantly expanding the range of training by working with the most expert instructors we can find in the best environments possible.
Feel free to leave your questions for us in the comments.
TD and Bill